Founding Members / Leadership

The World Investors & Entrepreneurs Society (WISE) is privileged to be guided by a distinguished group of global leaders from various sectors, collectively shaping the future of impact investing, entrepreneurial endeavors, and economic growth. Our esteemed Founding Members and Leadership represent a diverse and powerful network, bringing together visionaries from the realms of investing, family offices, banking, successful business leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, influential politicians, and policy experts.

Visionary Investors

Our community includes world-renowned investors who possess a keen eye for innovative opportunities and a commitment to driving positive change through strategic and impactful investments.

Family Offices

We are proud to have prominent family offices as part of our leadership, bringing their wealth of experience in wealth management and investment strategies to create a lasting impact on global economic progress.

Banking Experts

Our esteemed banking leaders play a vital role in shaping financial policies and strategies that foster economic growth, stability, and equitable development on a global scale.

Successful Business Leaders

Accomplished entrepreneurs and business leaders within WISE bring their expertise and experience to inspire and foster the growth of new ventures and breakthrough innovations.

Impact Investment Advocates

Champions of impact investing, our community includes individuals dedicated to making socially responsible investments that create positive social and environmental outcomes alongside financial returns.

Policy Experts and Politicians

Through the valuable insights of policy experts and influential politicians within WISE, we navigate the intersection of public policy and business, advocating for sustainable and inclusive economic frameworks.

At WISE, our Founding Members and Leadership form a dynamic and collaborative network, where diverse perspectives converge to address global challenges, create new opportunities, and forge meaningful partnerships. Together, we are committed to driving a sustainable, equitable, and transformative future for generations to come. As we continue to expand our community, we look forward to welcoming more visionary leaders from around the world to join us on this impactful journey.