WISE Advisors and Partners

The success and impact of the World Investors & Entrepreneurs Society (WISE) are greatly attributed to our esteemed Advisors and Partners, who provide invaluable guidance, expertise, and collaboration. These visionary organizations and individuals come from diverse sectors and backgrounds, enriching our community with their knowledge, resources, and networks. Together, they play a pivotal role in shaping our initiatives and driving positive change on a global scale.

Advisory Firms

Renowned advisory firms join WISE as key strategic partners, providing insights into market trends, investment opportunities, and impactful strategies that guide our members’ decisions and initiatives.

Global Institutions

Collaborating with influential global institutions, WISE leverages collective efforts to foster sustainable development, create investment frameworks, and drive initiatives that address critical global challenges.


Partnering with non-profit organizations dedicated to social impact and environmental sustainability, WISE actively supports initiatives that align with our mission of driving positive change in communities worldwide.

Family Offices

WISE partners with family offices embracing responsible investing, innovation, and impact. Our shared vision drives change, fostering sustainability for present and future generations. Join us in shaping a brighter world.

Academic Institutions

Collaborating with leading academic institutions, WISE leverages cutting-edge research and expertise to shape investment strategies that drive technological advancements and innovative solutions.

Industry Experts

WISE benefits from the guidance of industry experts who offer their insights and thought leadership on emerging trends, technological breakthroughs, and disruptive innovations.

Impact Initiatives

Partnering with impactful initiatives, WISE supports ventures that demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and positive societal impact.

Philanthropic Foundations

Collaborating with philanthropic foundations, WISE supports initiatives that drive positive change, address pressing global challenges, and advance social and economic progress.

Government Agencies

Engaging with government agencies and policymakers, WISE actively contributes to the formulation of policies that promote responsible investing, equitable economic growth, and sustainable development.

Through these strategic partnerships, WISE strengthens its collective impact, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that amplifies innovative solutions, creates investment opportunities, and drives transformative change. We are grateful to our Advisors and Partners for their unwavering support and dedication to our mission of shaping a sustainable and inclusive future for all. Together, we are committed to creating a legacy of positive change that transcends borders and benefits generations to come.